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Eceti Ranch and How it Kicked My Ass

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Eceti Ranch, located in Trout Lake, WA, is a known vortex energy point. James Gililand is the curator of the land, and manages a "UFO" ranch located on the property. James Gililand told everyone on their first day that the land would cause a lot of sadness, and emotional trauma to come up. He warned that the land can cause "a lot of stuff to come up." Initially I was very skeptical, because I felt a good deal of excitement on the 1st day. By the 2nd day, I completely fell apart. James was right. If James gives you a warning about something, I'd suggest trusting him. Read on, to hear the rest of this experience

My List of Important New Age, Truth Seeker and Conspiracy People

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An important list of researchers that have tremendous knowledge, and an overview of their teachings. This is a list in progress. I will be updating it every week. I will be including information about important books, important YouTube channels, and documentaries. You can send me an email with suggestions for important sources that I should list on this page. Contact me by going to "Links" and send me an email, or leave a comment below.

Why the Mandela Effect is Not a Natural Shift

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So right away, I want to make a comment. Everyone I've talked to who is a medium or a psychic, they have blamed the Mandela effect on a "natural intentional shift." It's truly disturbing that the people who are the most awake and aware are completely discounting the Mandela effect as a natural Quantum Jump.

The People Who Have Lost Their Life For Speaking the Truth

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I am on a timeline that I never imagined. It's a reality without major war, and for that I am happy, but it's not the specific reality that I chose myself. I am grateful that we are still moving forward. But if I could choose a version of reality, it would be a version where no person was ever murdered for trying to enlighten the masses...

Why We Won't Ever See Fema Camps

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Regarding people worrying about Fema camps: Let's try not worrying instead! 

Here's why:

The trick that has been used against us is the blatant use of negative images and negative fear mongering campaigns which attempt to subvert our collective consciousness, to get us focusing, in unison, as a collective, pooling our energy together collectively, in order to manifest a new timeline through the subjigation of our intellectual mind, and subconscious mind, steering us away from positive thinking, and giving us negative thought patterns. We must not allow this. 

Curing Digestive Parasites using Chlorine Drops (MMS)

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After much research, I have learned that even if you live in a clean city and eat processed food, you can still get parasites in your body, and these parasites are impossible to detect most of the time. Most commonly, parasites infect your stomach and intestines, but it's possible they can infect your blood too, for example Malaria is caused by a blood parasite. MMS (chlorine dioxide water purification drops) have been used by the Red Cross to treat Malaria.

How to Fix Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) with Sodium Chlorite (MMS Solution)

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I had always suffered from severe bouts of fatigue. In the last 5 years it grew increasingly worse. Waves of intense fatigue would nearly cripple me at work. After taking MMS drops for just 3 days, my Chronic Fatigue symptoms went away completely and have never returned. You'll want to read this. It will change your life, even if you don't suffer from chronic fatigue.

Critical Message for Starseeds and Lightworkers: How to Deprogram, and Protect Your Mind!

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It is August 2017, and this is a critical time period. I will tell you the message that I have gathered, from listening to many different "channeled" sources, and from my own intuition. We seem to be in a "Nexus" point, a void in between major timelines. Our focused intent at this time will determine the fate of humanity. I get the feeling that this juncture seems to be of critical importance. If you can read this article and truly understand it, you'll escape a lot of the pain and suffering present on Earth, by altering the timeline.

Corey Goode and David Wilcock Deserve Our Respect

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Corey Goode and David Wilock have a show together on Gaia TV at Gaia.com. This is the only show in the world that has ever attempted to release all the information about our world without being censored. The show has reached a fever pitch lately, mostly with strange people coming out in droves to lash out and criticize the show, calling David and Corey liars, and frauds. It's sick how we have stooped so low.